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Best Replacement Batteries for your Nintendo Switch 2021

Having your Nintendo Switch die on you in the middle of a long intense gaming session in a cafe or flight is pretty frustrating. There’s only so much that power banks can do – and sometimes the problem doesn’t lie in getting the perfect pack (although we’ve got you covered in that area too) but […]

Best Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapters 2021 (Review)

With Bluetooth headsets and speakers becoming more popular as time goes by, the demand for good Nintendo Switch Bluetooth adapters rise. This is because even though the Nintendo Switch has Bluetooth, it is not compatible with Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Also, while a good pair of USB headset or speakers provide a great gaming experience, […]

Romoss 30,000mAh Sense 8P+ Power Bank Review

The Romoss Sense 8P+ is a very compelling power bank with its huge capacity, great performance across different levels of output, and very affordable price. Romoss Sense 8P+ First Impression The Romoss Sense 8P+ is one of the most sold power banks in the world. That may be attributed to its value offering – the […]

Zendure Supertank 27,000mAh (ZDA8PDP) – Review

The Zendure Supertank is a great pack for long-haul flights and adventures with its massive 100 watts of output. Together with its great features and performance, it’s a great power bank to pick up if you’re looking to charge larger devices with it or if you want something that can power up your small to […]

ZMI 10,000mAh Wireless Power Bank (WPB01) – Review

The ZMI WPB01 is a very compelling power bank with its great outputs packed in a slim form factor. It’s a wireless portable charger as well which makes it perfect for charging two devices at the same time. This is why even with its inferior true capacity in the higher levels of output, we still […]

The Best Wireless Power Banks for iPhones

Wireless charging hasn’t always been efficient. As technology has progressed though, wireless charging specs have been getting better and better. Also, with the new MagSage Technology by Apple, things are getting interesting. In saying that – today, we’re going to be presenting the best wireless power banks for iPhones. Apple’s New MagSafe Technology With the […]

The Best Rugged and Waterproof Power Banks 2020 (Review)

For adventure junkies and outdoors enthusiasts, finding a power bank to suit your needs is a tough task. Not only should a good adventure power bank have good efficiency, the correct fast charge protocols, and decent output speeds but they should also be rugged and hopefully water resistant to some extent. Additional features such as […]

The 3 Best Slim Power Banks on Earth

Slim power banks are our favorite form factor with convenience at its forefront. This is because tiny power banks volume wise – such as the Zendure Supermini and RAVPower PD Pioneer 10,000mAh – still don’t match the ease of having a slim portable charger. One of the main reasons for this is that they’re just […]

Best Solar Power Bank Combinations 2020 (Review)

If you’re spending a few days off the grid – camping, hiking, or fishing, you’re going to need a pretty strong power bank to see you through. This is because portable chargers are becoming an essential tool to get the most out of our trip because there’s nothing worse than having your phone, camera, or […]

Anker vs. Aukey Power Banks: Who makes the best portable chargers?

  Anker and Aukey are two of the highly commendable power banks on the market. Both brands take pride in releasing high-quality and affordable power banks that suit nearly every device – from smartphones such as Android phones and iPhones, iPads, laptops, and even low-output devices like Bluetooth Headphones. In addition, these brands have their […]

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