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The Best 12-Volt Solar Panels 2021

Looking for a 12V solar panel? We've got you covered!

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    As the world continues to address and mitigate the effects of global warming and the depletion of non-renewable resources, many people have switched to more environment-friendly solar panels, such as 12-volt solar panels.

    Renogy 50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel uses

    Compared to the more powerful 24-volt panels for larger installations, 12-volt solar panels are much easier to install and use in generating off-grid power systems for 12-volt batteries and inverters. While these products vary in their power outputs, they can still charge up batteries that, in turn, may be used to light up small homes and backyard streetlights, vehicles such as cars, RV’s, motorcycles and boats, and even mobile charging (if compatible).

    If you’re having a hard time looking for the best 12-volt solar panels out there, we’re here to help you! The Power Up Team has listed down the five best options according to their compatibility with 12-volt batteries and inverters, power output, added features and accessories, and price. Which of these solar panel kits suits your needs? Scroll this page down to find out!

    Best 12V Solar Panels

    Topsolar 30W Solar Panel Kit


    For our first product feature, we have the Topsolar 30W Solar Panel Kit. Moderately priced at around $60, this solar panel could very much be the best choice to power up off-grid 12V batteries, vehicles, camping equipment, small houses, street lights, and other outdoor use, even during unfavorable weather conditions.

    This monocrystalline panel is very much protected when installed outdoors because it is weather-resistant, can withstand wind pressure and snow loads for up to 2,400 Pascals (Pa), and has a built-in aluminum frame that keeps the panel edges from rusting. It also comes with a 10A auto-charge controller with built-in two USB ports for direct charging at a combined rate of 12W (5V/2.5A) and two cables: one with built-in alligator clips and the other with O-ring terminals.

    We highly recommend this Topsolar 12W Solar Panel Kit for those who look for affordable solar panels with accessories that can be very useful in setting up an off-grid charging system for home or outdoor use. However, it is worth noting that the maximum power output for this product may not satisfy those who wish for much higher output. Others may also point out the size of the panel that can be hard to carry or transport for outdoor excursions.

    Renogy 50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel


    Now, let’s go to another solar panel kit with a much higher charging output, the Renogy 50W Solar Panel. What’s great about this product is its protection against intense weather conditions.

    For instance, the durable low-iron tempered glass panel can resist wind pressure for up to 2,400 Pa and snow load for up to 5,400 Pa. The junction box attached at the back of the board has an IP65 rating, while the AWG wire connectors have an IP67 rating. The aluminum panel frame is also rust-resistant. These specifications alone show that this solar panel has protective features against high winds, water pressure, and layers of snow.

    A bit expensive than the Topsolar panel, this one does not come with a charge controller and extension cables. To connect your solar panel module to a 12V battery and inverter, you might want to spend a bit more on the said items. You may also find this product difficult to transport due to its weight and dimensions. Lastly, for the output, this may not satisfy those who look for solar panels with outputs that are beyond 50W.

    However, if you’re willing to spend more on additional equipment, and are aiming to use the solar panel for home and vehicle installation, the Renogy 50W Solar Panel is definitely for you!

    WEIZE 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel


    For the 100W 12V solar panels, let’s look at this monocrystalline solar panel from WEIZE. This one has similarities to the Renogy 50W solar panel as it also has waterproof components – an IP65-rated junction box and IP67-rated MC4 connectors. The board is also layered with durable low-iron tempered glass, surrounded by a rust-resistant aluminum frame, and has pre-drilled holes for installation and mounting.

    Much like the former Renogy product, the WEIZE 100W Monocrystalline Solar Panel does not also come with accessories such as MC4 connectors and charge controllers that are useful in connecting the panel to a 12V battery and adapter. This means purchasing both accessories separately, which can be a problem for those with a limited budget.

    Still, for those who are willing to spend $90 for the solar panel kit with a much higher output and can purchase compatible connectors and a charge controller, please consider this 100W solar panel from WEIZE.

    DOKIO 150W Foldable Solar Panel Kit


    The DOKIO 150W Foldable Solar Panel Kit has a lot of impressive features that demand your attention. This product can generate power for 12V batteries and inverters, as well as power stations. Included in this package are three cables: a 3-meter SAE connector that can be attached to the solar panel, a 1-meter cord with crocodile tips that can connect the charge controller to the 12V battery, and a short JY60 cable that can attach five different DC Jacks of varying diameter for compatible power stations. Having this solar panel gives you more options in providing power for your equipment and vehicles.

    In terms of appearance, this solar panel from DOKIO is thin and lightweight, with a thickness of only 2.4 centimeters. It is layered with tough ETFE material, making it very much resistant to corrosion. However, the fabric edges of the panel may lead to damages, especially when exposed to bright sunlight. Still, protection is guaranteed as this product is easy to carry and transport using a 21” by 22” by 1.1” waterproof bag that also comes with the package.

    Given the appearance and design of this solar panel, this product is not for permanent installation and should only be for vehicular charging, outdoor excursions, and emergency use. It’s also very expensive, priced at nearly $170, which may not be for people with a tight budget.

    ECO-WORTHY 5W Solar Trickle Charger


    Lastly, we have this 5W Solar Trickle Charger from ECO-WORTHY, which is the kind of power source that cannot transfer power fast for 12V batteries and inverters. Due to its low output power of 5W, this should only be for emergencies and prolonged vehicular charging. It does not mean that solar trickle chargers like this one are not very useful. In fact, it helps in maintaining the stored power of the battery, prevents battery damages due to overcharge, and avoids the decrease of power, especially when it is not in use.

    Sold at a very affordable price of $25.99, the ECO-WORTHY Solar Trickle Charge comes with two 22.8-inch wires: one with alligator clips for battery trickle charging, and the other with a cigarette lighter that can be plugged into a car lighter port. Both can be attached to the panel’s built-in cable with SAE connector. This allows you to choose how you want to charge your cars and boats, as well as other equipment such as lawnmowers.

    If you’re concerned about charging protection, don’t worry because this product has a built-in blocking diode that prevents reverse charging that could lead to the depletion of power in your battery. As batteries in vehicles usually discharge even when not in use, the trickle charger’s blocking diode ensures the protection and maintenance of your battery.

    The ECO-WORTHY 5W Solar Trickle Charger may not be for everyone. Some people may prefer solar panel kits with much higher outputs that can either be for outdoor trips or permanent installation. Yet, for those who are concerned with the performance and health of their vehicle batteries or who prefer low voltage charging, this solar trickle charger from ECO-WORTHY is worthy of your consideration.

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