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Best Battery Backup for Wifi Routers

No more worrying about power interruptions! Stay connected with these battery backups for wifi routers.

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    For any reason – be it a storm or a localized blackout, losing internet connection is a nightmare in the digital age. Thankfully, technology has allowed many devices to be developed to ensure that you have a plan B when that happens. In this article, we are going to be explaining how battery backups work and laying out for you our top picks for the best battery backup for wifi routers.

    What is a Battery Backup and Why do I Need One for my Wifi Router?

    A battery backup, also known as Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS), is a dedicated battery that provides your electronics with power even when blackouts or electricity fluctuations happen. Their main purpose is for protecting desktop computer hardware since inconsistent electricity flow can and usually does cause permanent damage to your device. That being said, it is also encouraged for you to use a UPS with your wifi router as they are also prone to hardware damage from sudden surges and drops in electricity.

    APC Back-UPS BEM600M1 product shot with gaming devices plugged in

    Another reason to use a UPS for your router (and modem, if they’re separate devices) is to be able to stay connected to the internet no matter what interruptions may occur. It will enable you to continue working online even in blackouts until the power comes on or until a backup generator is activated.

    How to Use a Battery Backup for your Wifi Router?

    We will cover two ways on how to use a battery backup for your wifi router: through a UPS and through a power bank.

    Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

    CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series on desk

    Firstly, you need to place your battery backup between the outlet and your router and modem. The set up would be your router and modem plugged into the battery backup, and your battery backup plugged into the wall. More than powering up your router when electricity is out, it also provides a steady stream of electricity as well as controls spikes or surges. 

    Best Uninterrupted Power Supplies for Wifi Routers

    APC Back-UPS (BEM600M1)


    The APC Back-UPS (BEM600M1) is a bulky power strip with seven 120V AC power outlets and a 1.5A USB port. Of the seven 120V outlets, five are supplied with battery power in the event of a blackout. Also, it was made to be placed at the floor so it’s a heavy duty option that can withstand being accidentally kicked or bumped without getting damaged. It can deliver two to six hours of battery life – five hours for a cable modem with wireless networking and four hours on a high-end modem and router combo. With all the features that this UPS has, you get great value with prices starting at $58.

    CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series


    The CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series is a towering UPS with a textured plastic casing around a shiny black face that positions it as a premium option. It’s only 3.9 inches wide with an LCD display lets you know the status of the device which is incredibly useful. Its size also makes it so that you won’t need to sacrifice much of your desk space for this UPS. It has an impressive over 15 hours of battery life that can power not just your modem and router but also a variety of other essential gadgets such as your PC or monitor. This UPS also has an alarm that alerts you when the power changes from AC to battery and when the battery is within 10 minutes of dying. It has 12 120V power outlets along the back for every device you may possibly want to charge. For its capabilities, the CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series is pretty expensive compared to the previous option but has great value for money with prices starting at $120.

    APC UPS Battery Backup (BR1500G)


    The APC UPS Battery Backup (BR1500G) is a premium offering from APC with a tower design and cooling vent that makes it possible to be operated from the side. It also has an LCD display similar to the previous option which shows some key information about the operation of the UPS such as the battery charge level, output voltage, and rate of battery drain. Aside from this, it has a huge battery that has 24 hours of power. Now another great feature that this APC model has is master power output control that allows one specific device to control the battery output. For example, you have your PC plugged in and you only want to turn it on from time to time whilst saving the battery when it’s not in use. So with the master power output control feature, you can set it up so that when the PC is plugged into the master port is the only time the rest of the outlets will be powered. This is great for both future emergencies and the environment. As for its value, it’s on the expensive side as it is a premium option at $160 but you would be getting a ton of great features with that price.

    Power Banks

    Goal Zero Sherpa 25600mAh Power Bank powering gadgets

    You can also use a power bank as a battery backup for your wifi router. This is possible through a booster cable (you would need a 5V to 12V cable) and a power bank with pass through charging.

    Best Power Banks for Wifi Routers

    RAVPower 20000mAh 60W PD 3.0


    The RAVPower 20,000mAh 60W PD 3.0 is a great power bank with a maximum of 60 watts of output. This means that it’s strong enough to charge laptops such as the Macbook Air which is a good sign of its ability to power up your wifi router. With pass through charging as well, this pack will allow you to charge your power bank simultaneously as it acts as a battery backup for your router or modem. This means that in the event of a power outage, you are sure to have a fully-charged portable charger that can power up your wifi router for at least a few hours. This will allow you to save and wrap up your work while waiting for the power to come back on.

    Goal Zero Sherpa 25600mAh Power Bank


    The Goal Zero Sherpa 25600mAh Power Bank is a heavy duty pack that has a lot of useful features. It has numerous ports, wireless charging, and pass through charging which means that it can power up many of your devices aside from it being a battery backup for your router. With wireless charging, you can easily charge your smartphone or other small gadgets such as wireless earbuds or a fitness watch whilst the pack is in use for your modem during power interruptions.

    ZMI Powerpack 20k Pro 20000mAh


    The ZMI PowerPack 20k Pro 20000mAh is a great power bank with great efficiencies at various power loads. It has a maximum of 65 watts of output that can power up a multitude of gadgets including larger devices such as laptops. With its pass through charging ability, aside from serving as a battery backup for your wifi router – it can also serve as a USB hub for your laptop (you can connect it to the pack’s other ports) which will allow you to plug in a keyboard or flash drive to transfer files. With these features, it has good value for money costing under $100.

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