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Best Power Banks for Camping 2021

Want to eat some S'mores and sleep under the stars without worrying about your device's battery? We've got you covered!

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    What makes the best camping power bank? Among all products and models available in the market, which of these allow long-lasting charging power for Power Delivery or PD-compatible devices (iPhones, Google Pixels, iPads), QuickCharge or QC-compatible gadgets (Samsung Galaxy, Xiaomi Mi phones, Blackberry Evolve/KEYOne/KEY2/U2/U2 Lite); and even appliances such as mini-fridges and small fans? Which of these models can survive even in extreme conditions? Which of these can help in bringing you the best camping experience ever? If you’re having a hard time choosing the best camping portable charger for you, worry no more as the PowerUp Team will be listing down the best camping packs in the market!

    Hengke Energy 65W Portable Battery Pack 24000mAh compatibility

    Here at PowerUp, we’ll be featuring five power banks that are best suitable for camping, nature, and other outdoor excursions. We’ll be looking at their battery and charging capacity, external appearance, and of course, their price. Take note that we’ll only feature power banks and small portable chargers, so you will not be able to find power stations and medium-sized power sources here.

    Best Power Banks for Camping

    Dark Energy Poseidon Pro 10000mAh


    Are you worried about buying a camping power bank that is not tough enough for the outdoors? Well, the Dark Energy Poseidon Pro demands your attention as it is the toughest power bank in the market.

    The Poseidon Pro has a lot of features tailored to the needs of camping enthusiasts. Just for its IP-68-rated casing alone made from tough steel-like polymer casing, this power bank can fully withstand dust, surface contact, and long-term water submersion. It can survive even in extreme outdoor conditions ranging from very rugged surfaces and heavy rain.

    In terms of its charging functions, this power bank can provide a maximum of 18W of charge for devices that support Power Delivery through its USB-C port. However, the 12W USB port does not utilize any fast-charge technology, but it can still provide a power boost for non-PD devices. Both ports also support charging for other devices like cameras, GPS, Bluetooth speakers, and more.

    This product from Dark Energy is very pricey as it costs around $120. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Minus its charging features, the Poseidon Pro’s toughness for the outdoors should amaze you. Not to mention, included in this package is a utility belt which consists of a “ballistic fiber reinforced” USB-C cable, durable cable strap, and a 5-in-1 carabiner. This power bank is more than ready to endure the outdoors!

    RAVPower Rugged Power Bank 10050mAh (RP-PB096)


    Now, let’s look at the highly affordable Ravpower Rugged Power Bank 10,050 mAh. You can immediately notice its camouflage casing that protects the product from any damage from bumps and scratches, dust, and water pressure. The RP-PB096 has an IP67 rating, which makes this very much tailored to the outdoors as it is fully protected from dust and other hard surface contact and from immersion from 15 centimeters to 1-meter deep water.

    RP-PB096’s charging features are also impressive, especially for those with Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads as its PD-charging USB-C port offers up to 45W worth of charge. Meanwhile, the QC3.0 USB port also provides great fast-charging for QC-compatible devices. Pass-through charging is allowed in this power bank.

    This Ravpower pack is the most affordable power bank among the five featured products in this list. However, due to its battery capacity, we argue that this product is not suitable for long and extended camping trips. Still, those who are interested in buying this product may also have a hard time looking for one as it is not available on mainstream online shopping sites like Amazon and eBay. The RP-PB096 is recommended for people who usually spend more time outdoors and are planning to use it on short-term camping trips.

    RAVPower 20000mAh PD Pioneer


    Here’s another camping power bank from Ravpower, the 20000 mAh PD Pioneer. This rectangular-shaped product has three charging ports: the USB-C Power Delivery port that offers up to 30W charging power, the USB-A port that gives up to 18W of power for QC-compatible devices, and an 85W AC Output for plugged devices such as Macbooks (Pro 13”, Pro 15”, Air, 12) and laptops (DELL XPS 13/15, HP Spectre X360/X2, Huawei Matebook X/X Pro/13), as well as drones, small fans, mini-fridges, and other gadgets and appliances.

    Moderately priced at about $90, the RP-PB054 is worthy of your attention due to its charging features and fast charging input that can fully recharge the pack for three hours. However, RP-PB054 is a bit heavy for a typical power bank. While its exterior is covered by a Silicone casing, the product is not protected from any potential damage from surface contact and water immersion. Thus, people should be careful enough in handling this product to avoid damages. In addition, this product does not include a USB-C PD Adapter to charge the power bank and should be purchased separately.

    Hengke Energy 65W Portable Battery Pack 24000mAh


    The Hengke Energy 65W Portable Battery Pack is a bulky power bank that has so much to offer for your next camping trip. At just about $100, you can have a 24,000 mAh portable charger with four charging outputs: two USB-A ports with 18W and 10W maximum power respectively, a DC output at a max rate of 12.6V/10A, and a 65W AC plug output. Just for these alone, you can fully maximize the stored power of the product to charge a wide array of devices, such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, speakers, small fans, and other gadgets. You can use it for your own consumption, or as a shared power source in your group. You can even charge numerous devices in these ports simultaneously.

    Interestingly, this battery pack can be charged in three ways: using a typical home charger, a solar panel, or a car charger. It means that you can still be able to power up this power bank even if you’re away for a camping trip for a couple of days. However, solar panels and car chargers are not included in the package. Thus, you need to buy those products if you want to use them for the battery pack.

    However, one should take extra precautions in owning this product as it is not rugged nor waterproof. As the ports are exposed, it can pose a risk, especially during heavy rainfall and wet surroundings. In addition, this power bank is not capable of fast-charging PD and QC devices, thus only giving you the standard charging rate possible. Still, this power bank can provide your devices with enough recharge as you’re away for your trip.

    Techmaster TSBar Rugged 30000mAh Portable Charger


    The Techmaster TSBar Rugged 30,000 mAh Portable Charger is the very definition of a camping power bank. It may only be the size of most power banks out there, but for nearly $80, this can definitely assist you in providing a wonderful camping experience.

    Looking at its charging functions, the TSBar Rugged 30,000 has four output ports: the 45W USB-C Power Delivery port for iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, and Pixel phones, the 18W USB port with its Techmaster-exclusive TS+ fast charging technology that is compatible with QuickCharge phones like Samsung Galaxy smartphones and Blackberries. Then, there are two USB ports that each has 12W worth of power that can still provide satisfying recharge to your other devices. You can be able to use it for yourself and even as a group.

    Other fascinating features of this camping power bank are the four flashlight modes – SOS, high beam, low beam, and strobe – that can be useful in various emergency situations in the dark, and the rugged exterior that is made from “heavy-duty grade material.” Rated IP66, this supports full protection against dust and surface contact. It is also waterproof, although this one is a slightly lower rating than other power banks in this list. Thus, this TSBar Rugged 30,000 can only survive from a low-power water jet stream, but not from water immersion.

    While this product is moderately priced, its features are very worth your money. However, one thing worth mentioning here is that it cannot be carried onboard planes in accordance with the existing air travel regulations.

    What to consider in buying a camping power bank?

    Techsmarter 30,000mAh Power Bank hanging off backpack

    Camping power banks are a bit different than your average power bank. Sure, these products can charge various gadgets, but camping power banks have more specific features that can be very useful for camping trips and outdoor excursions. You don’t want to end up destroying your power source by a hard fall to a rugged surface or submersion in water. You also don’t want to ruin your camping experience just because of the hassle of having a low-power device that can’t be charged due to a low-power portable charger. Here are some specifications and features that you should consider in purchasing a camping power bank.

    Battery Capacity

    The first important factor to look for in buying a camping power bank is the battery capacity. As camping trips can go either for just a day or two or for a much longer amount of time, you might want to look for portable chargers that could store and transfer large amounts of power for your devices while you are away. It is also important to know the pack’s battery capacity if you want to use it for shared consumption among your group. Thus, power banks with larger battery capacity are more useful for longer group camping excursions than those with a smaller capacity.

    Number and Type of Output Ports

    Depending on the number and kind of devices that you wish to use for your power bank, and whether or not it would be only for your consumption or with a certain number of people, you should look through the number and type of charging output ports that are present in power banks. If you want to fast-charge a PD-compatible device such as iPhone or iPad, look for a power bank that could support PD-fast charging through the USB-C port.

    Hengke Energy 65W Portable Battery Pack 24000mAh ports

    Meanwhile, if you wish to charge another device, you might want to look for power banks with dual ports. Some camping power banks even have AC and DC outputs to support other devices. Thus, if you have a device that requires the use of either output, those kinds of power banks might be for you.

    Charging Output

    Another thing to consider is the charging output of the power bank ports. This entails the kind of charging support that these ports can offer to your devices. While a standard charging output at 12W can still recharge a device with satisfying results, those that support Power Delivery, Quick Charge, and other fast-charge technologies are relatively much faster in terms of recharging your devices. 

    RAVPower 80W AC capacity infographic with laptop

    Meanwhile, laptops and other power-hungry devices might need more charging output for them to be recharged faster. In addition, you may look into their capacity to charge other devices such as cameras, GPS, and even small appliances like fans and mini-fridges.

    Resistance to Damage

    Camping power banks need to be shockproof, dustproof, and waterproof for them to thrive in various outdoor conditions. Thus, as much as possible, look for power banks that have a high resistance to rough and rugged surfaces, dust, and water submersion. This is to avoid any potential damage that could lead to the malfunction of your power bank. Fortunately, most camping and outdoor power banks provide an Ingress Protection (IP) rating for consumers to know what a certain product can and cannot withstand. Ideally, camping power banks have an IP66 or IP67 rating. For more information, you can read this IP Chart.

    Camping Tools

    Aside from their charging functions, camping power banks also have a lot of other features that are specific for outdoor and camping use, such as flashlights, carabiners, AC and DC outputs, and more.


    Last but not least, you may want to consider the price of purchasing a camping power bank. Most power banks of this type are moderately-priced or very expensive, mainly due to their additional features and specifications for outdoor use. Still, there are budget-friendly camping power banks out there for those who are on a tight budget.


    Camping power banks are not your typical power banks as these need function in the tough conditions camping trips and other outdoor excursions present. These products combine the specifications of a typical portable charger and camping-specific features such as bright flashlights, waterproof and shockproof casings, additional camping tools such as carabiners and straps, and other add-ons that can be very useful and can thrive in outdoor conditions.

    RAVPower Rugged Power Bank 10050mAh adventure infographic

    Among the five featured products on this list, the Dark Energy Poseidon Pro and the Techmaster TSBar Rugged 30,000, for instance, have external and internal specifications that make them the best camping power banks. In terms of affordability, the Ravpower Rugged Power Bank 10000 mAh is the best choice.
    Meanwhile, the Ravpower 20000 mAh PD Pioneer and the Hengke Energy 65W Portable Battery Pack are still great camping power banks but can pose a risk if not handled properly whenever you’re out of your home and within nature. Nonetheless, if you’re planning for your next outdoor trip, might as well purchase a camping power bank that can help you in bringing the best of your camping experience!

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