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Best Power Banks for Wifi Routers 2021 (Review)

Power banks for wifi routers? You read that right! Check them out here.

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    In a time where working from home is starting to be the new normal, it is very important to stay connected to the internet at all times. This is why in this article, we are going to be discussing the best power banks for wifi routers to keep you connected despite any type of power interruptions.

    How can I get wifi without electricity?

    In the event of a blackout or power outage, there are numerous ways you can get wifi access without electricity. First, you can use your smartphone’s cellular data to either access the internet through your phone directly or as a hotspot connection for your other gadgets like tablets, laptops, or computers. For a more heavy duty option, you can invest in a hotspot device with a data plan that will allow you to stay online for hours after a particularly bad storm while waiting for the power to go back on or if you’re travelling to a remote area.

    CyberPower Intelligent LCD Series on desk

    Next, you can also get a backup battery for your wifi router in the form of a UPS or Uninterruptible Power Supply which provides power surge protection and emergency power. It provides just enough juice so that you can wrap up and save your work, and important files in the event of an outage. For a more portable option though, it is also possible to use a power bank as a backup battery for your wifi router.

    How can I use a power bank for my wifi router?

    Even though power banks commonly have an output of 5v while wifi routers usually require 12v, it is still possible to use your portable charger with your wifi set-up. This is possible through a booster cable (5v to 12v) or a 12v DC connector to USB and any heavy duty power bank.

    Goal Zero Sherpa 25600mAh Power Bank powering gadgets

    The booster cable will convert the source of direct current (your power bank) from one voltage to another (from the usual 5v to 12v) for it to be compatible with your wifi router. To use it, simply connect the USB side to your portable charger and the cable side to your modem.

    Best Power Banks for Wifi RoutersOmn

    RAVPower 20000mAh 60W PD 3.0


    The RAVPower 20000mAh 60W PD 3.0 is a very capable power bank with a maximum of 60 watts of output. It’s strong enough to power laptops or multiple devices at once which makes it suitable for powering up your wifi router. In the event of a power outage, it will surely not let you down as it has great efficiencies as well. This means that it can handle powering up devices that require higher levels of output which is great since it can give you at least a couple of hours to wrap up some work while the power is out. It has a pass through charging feature as well which means that you can also use this power bank as a battery backup for your wifi router.

    ZMI PowerPack 20k Pro 20000mAh


    The ZMI PowerPack 20k Pro 20000mAh is another great portable charger with a maximum output of 65 watts. Aside from being able to power up your wifi router, it can also serve as a USB hub for your laptop at the same time with its multiple ports. This means that you can plug a flash drive or a keyboard in it while it’s serving as a backup for your modem. It has great efficiencies at various power loads too so you’d be getting your money’s worth since it’s great to use with your other devices as well.

    Goal Zero Sherpa 25600mAh Power Bank


    The Goal Zero Sherpa 25600mAh Power Bank is a very useful portable charger with a lot of features that is incredibly helpful in the event of a blackout. One of these is wireless charging which means that you can easily charge your phone  while this pack is powering up your wifi router. You can also charge your smaller gadgets safely on this such as wireless earbuds and a fitness watch. This power bank has pass through charging as well, so you can use it as a battery backup too.

    Zendure Supertank


    The Zendure Supertank is a heavy duty power bank with a massive 100 watts of maximum output. It can charge any type of laptop and can handle powering up multiple devices at once. If you’re looking for something that will last you a little bit longer in powering up your wifi router, then this is definitely a great option. It has great efficiencies at higher levels of output right up to the maximum limit which means that every charge is worth it with this one. Its capacity hits the limit for bringing a power bank on board as well for most international airlines so this pack is also very travel friendly which means that you can even bring your wifi router along to trips to remote places.

    Omni Ultimate


    The Omni Ultimate definitely lives up to its name with the many features it has including practically every port under the sun and even an AC outlet. It has an immense 142 watts of capacity. This means that you can probably charge a laptop – or a multitude of your other devices – along with powering up your wifi router. Paired with its great efficiencies at even the higher levels of output, this pack will certainly see you through whatever power interruptions or fluctuations you experience.


    From portable chargers that can serve as battery backups to those that can charge multiple devices alongside your wifi router, we highly-recommend everything on our list. We’re sure that these packs will see you through and will ensure that you stay connected no matter what.

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