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The Best UPS for Gaming PCs 2021

Upgrade your gaming set-up with a UPS!

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    An Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) allows you to stay connected no matter what, making it a must for gaming enthusiasts and streamers to ensure that you can continue playing in the event of a power interruption or a blackout. There’s nothing worse than having hours of gameplay wasted, so in this article, we’re going to show you the best UPS to get for power-hungry gaming machines.

    APC BE600M1 on desk

    Benefits of Including a UPS in Your Gaming Set-Up

    Getting a UPS means that when you suffer a loss of power, it will utilize its internal batteries to deliver a steady flow of power for a limited time period. This will give you the chance to wrap up your game and shut your PC down safely. It also protects your PC from any sudden power surges that can potentially damage your device, which is more expensive in the long run compared to getting a UPS for your computer’s safety.

    What to Look for in a UPS for Your Gaming PC

    In order to determine if a UPS is a good fit for your gaming PC, consider its power, size, and weight. First, make sure that your UPS has a capacity that is 20-25% higher than the total power drawn by any equipment attached to it – in this case, your gaming PC. Next, consider its size and weight, especially if you’re particular about desk space. If you don’t have much to spare, consider getting a smaller or less bulky UPS. If you’re fine with placing it on the floor, go for one that has protective features so that if it accidentally gets bumped, it won’t break on you.

    Best UPS for Gaming PCs

    CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD


    The CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD is the best UPS for gamers because of its massive 1500VA/1000W capacity that will definitely handle most gaming machines in the market. In the event of a power interruption, this UPS will last you 10-20 minutes, giving you enough time to wrap up a stream or to save your gaming data. It has 12 outlets with 6 being battery-backed and 6 being only surge-protected. In saying that, the battery-backed outlets should be used for your PC and monitor (since they take longer to shut down), while the surge-protected ones can be used for your speakers, printer, and other similar devices. This model also comes with automatic voltage regulation that completely ensures the safety of your PC.

    APC BX1500M


    This APC BX1500M is a popular UPS because of its ability to allow you to plug in 10 different devices on its 10 outlets, with 5 offering both battery backup and surge protection. This will ensure that your devices are as secure as they can be in the event of a blackout or similar situations. This will give you around 5 minutes of extra time with battery back-up for you to take care of your data. Additionally, this UPS has a great design featuring an LCD screen with a mute button, a power button, and a control for navigating the screen. You get all these features for under $170, which is a great deal.

    Tripp Lite INTERNET350U


    If you’re looking for a compact option that has a different look than traditional UPS, then the Tripp Lite INTERNET350U is the one for you. It looks more like an extension cord and has 6 outlets, enough to protect your gadgets. Despite its size, it’s still a very decent option as it has a maximum of 750VA/450W capacity at maximum power. It has an HID-compliant USB port that allows you to utilize your PC’s power management feature to regulate your UPS use. Overall, this UPS will give you around 3 minutes to let your teammates know what’s happening, save your data, and shut down your PC properly.

    CyberPower EC650LCD


    This UPS, the CyberPower EC650LCD, is focused on energy conservation. That being said, it’s still able to provide around 4 minutes of full power before shut-down with its decent 650VA/350W capacity. This will work perfectly fine with low to mid-range gaming PCs. This CyberPower UPS also has an ECO mode that activates its power-saving mode. This means that if the UPS detects that a computer is off or in sleep mode, it will automatically turn off power peripherals that are connected to it in order to save power, thus reducing power usage and energy costs.

    APC BE600M1


    The APC BE600M1 is an affordable but capable UPS, having a capacity of 600VA/330W. This is best for protecting other gaming accessories such as your modem or speakers and is great to use along with a 1000VA UPS if you want something stronger for the PC itself. However, if you’re just starting out your gaming journey, this can also do the job for you without breaking the bank. It has a really nice form factor too, being thinner but taller than the previous option, which means that it will occupy less desk space. This means that it’s a convenient UPS with great value for money.

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