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The Best UPS for Laptops 2021

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    Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems are a lifesaver! You do not need to worry about power outages that could interrupt your work, as these systems provide limited extended power to desktops, laptops, monitors, internet routers, and other devices present in your workstation. They also offer battery and surge protection that prevents damages to your equipment due to abnormal electrical surges. With these power systems, you can still work on your important tasks, save and transfer documents, and complete necessary computer processes, such as properly shutting down your laptop.

    Yet, you may ask yourself, what’s the point of buying a UPS system for a laptop? Laptops can still function for hours even when they are unplugged from a power source due to their built-in batteries that can store large amounts of power. However, high-powered laptops intended for gaming, video editing, and other complex tasks cannot operate for longer hours as their battery power drains faster than the average rate. In this case, UPS systems are useful in extending the runtime of your laptop during a power interruption, while also supporting and protecting other accessories and peripherals present in your workspace.

    UPS systems vary in output capacity and features, and many may not be compatible with high-powered laptop set-ups. Nonetheless, here are our picks for the five best UPS systems for laptops. Which of these will power up your laptop and other plugged devices? Scroll this page down to find out!

    UPS: What you need to know

    APC Back-UPS 650VA (BE650G1) plugged in

    A UPS system has two core functions: battery backup and surge protection. During power outages and electrical failures, the UPS will instantly switch on to carry the responsibility of providing extra power for essential devices such as desktops, laptops, computer monitors, CPUs, and WiFi routers through battery backup outlets indicated on the UPS. Depending on the total power requirement of these plugged devices and the UPS’ capacity, you may be able to fully power up your devices for a couple of minutes up to more than two hours.

    On the other hand, surge protection prevents electronic devices from damages brought by surges or spikes in electrical current after a spark of lightning, especially during inclement weather. Such sparks may lead to high voltage and current levels that can damage critical parts of your devices.

    Aside from these core functions, some UPS systems may offer other protective features such as Dataline Surge Protection, which is a separate feature that protects the equipment connected to Ethernet cables such as CPUs, laptops, and WiFi routers. Others have a built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) that maintains the average power flow and corrects abnormal voltages that run through electrical wires and to the equipment that you use.

    Meanwhile, several models may include a USB Communication Port that allows you to monitor the performance and capacity of the UPS to your desktop or laptop. Some high-power UPS models from the likes of CyberPower may even offer free downloadable software that provides advanced monitoring of your UPS use over time.

    Choosing the Best UPS System

    CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD on desk

    The performance and compatibility of the UPS System depend on its capacity to power up your desktop or laptop, as well as other connected accessories. The key here is to know the combined load required to power up all devices and equipment while plugged into the UPS’ battery ports. These include the laptop, WiFi router, a separate monitor (if there is any), and other equipment needed during a power outage.

    There is no proven metric in choosing the compatible UPS system for your workstation. However, it is a common understanding that the UPS’ runtime – that is, the number of minutes or hours to operate and support devices – is inversely proportional to the combined load of devices in a laptop setup. For instance, in the case of the Tripp Lite 750 VA UPS with a 450W capacity, you can be able to use it for a combined load of 100W for around 28 minutes, but when you fully utilize its battery, you can only be able to use the UPS for three minutes.

    Fortunately, there are load calculators from APC, CyberPower, and Tripp Lite that can help measure the combined load of your devices and the appropriate UPS for your setup.

    Best UPS for Laptops

    CyberPower 350VA Standby UPS System (CP350SLG)


    Our first UPS feature, the CyberPower 350VA Standby UPS System, is the kind of entry-level UPS that still has a lot to offer for laptops and connected peripherals. While it has an output capacity of 255W that is relatively lower than the other models on this list, the CP350SLG can still provide backup power during power interruptions and protection against electrical current surges and EMI/RFI emissions that may destroy your equipment and accessories.

    Priced at only $56, this UPS from CyberPower has six available outlets: three for combined battery backup and surge protection, and the other three solely for surge protection. While this is great for people who have a smaller workstation, others may find the number of outlets not enough to plug in other vital equipment and peripherals. It is a big deal for those who are working at home and who own gaming equipment.

    In addition, the CP350SLG has an estimated backup time of 23 minutes at a 50-watt load. This may be unfavorable for people who wish to have a UPS with longer battery backup time, or for those who wish to power on other essential equipment apart from the laptop during an electrical failure. It also does not provide Dataline Surge Protection against any electrical surges flowing through data lines and a USB port to monitor the UPS’ performance on your laptop.

    Still, the CyberPower 350VA Standby UPS System offers core battery backup and surge protection features to support your laptop and other plugged accessories during power outages. It can still give you ample time to save important data and complete needed processes for your device, especially when you have to properly shut down your laptop. This is very much for those who are on a tight budget who wishes to have a basic UPS for small workstations. However, the CP350SLG may not support battery backup support for high-powered gaming set-ups.

    APC Back-UPS 425VA (BE425M)


    Another candidate for the best entry-level UPS equipment, this 425VA UPS from United States-based APC is a portable battery backup pack that provides up to 225-watts worth of power and surge protection support for laptop and connected accessories. You can plug your devices across six outlets, four of which are for battery backup while the rest are for surge protection only. The number of surge protection-only ports may not be enough to plug in more than two electronic accessories like printers, scanners, and speakers.

    For this product, you can expect a 37-minute backup time for laptops that operate at a 50W load. Compared to the CyberPower 350VA UPS pack, this one has a slightly lower output capacity but with a much longer support time. It may be preferable for those who want to have a 30-minute power backup to finish important tasks and save needed data.

    The BE425M has three audible alarm modes and status display indicators. If you are conscious about the performance and capacity of the UPS, you can select the Full Alarm mode that enables various beep frequencies that will notify you of the status of the equipment. Otherwise, if you are irritated with UPS alarms, you can either choose the Quiet Alarm mode that beeps only in a low-power state or the No Alarm mode that completely shuts the beep sounds during your UPS use.

    Sadly, much like the CyberPower 350VA UPS, the BE425M does not have a Dataline Surge Protection feature, making your equipment vulnerable to potential damages from surges on data cables. It does not also offer advanced UPS monitoring on your laptop as it does not have a USB Communication Port.

    Overall, this $53.64 APC 425VA Back-UPS can still amaze you with its extended power support and protection for your laptop and other connected equipment. While it does not have advanced protective features, it can still provide you with backup power to save and recover data, finish important computer tasks and processes, and transfer documents and files.

    APC Back-UPS 650VA (BE650G1)


    For our third product feature, we have the APC Back-UPS 650VA. Compared to the 425W UPS pack, this one is a step-up in terms of extended power and surge protection features. It has a much higher power output at 390W and much longer power support for up to 65 minutes at 50 watts. What is also amazing is that since it supports an hour of power backup, you may be able to continue working on your laptop until power returns after a short outage.

    The BE650G1 is also a step-up in terms of protective features. Aside from its Dataline Surge Protection, the UPS pack also has various audible alarms and LED lights that indicate the pack’s status, whether it is powered on, approaching complete depletion of power, needing battery replacement, or on sleep mode. It will also notify you whether there is a Building Wiring Fault that may lead to damages to your laptop and other accessories and equipment when plugged into an electrical outlet within an establishment.

    While most of its features are worthy of your attention, the APC Back-UPS 650 VA also has some downsides. For one, you can purchase this UPS System at $106.51, which may be expensive for people with a limited budget. In addition, due to its large size and output, transporting it may not be easy, and recharging may take 24 hours. Lastly, if you are concerned with the warranty, this one has a three-year warranty but only for those living in the United States, Canada, and countries in Europe. Other countries may only avail a two-year warranty service for this product.

    Still, for top-notch power backup and security features for your laptop and other connected devices, you can trust this 650VA UPS from APC. It is a step-up from its 420VA counterpart and can support workstations and laptop setups that require larger power input.

    Tripp Lite 750 VA UPS Battery Back-up (AVR750U)


    Now, we go to the much higher output UPS models, starting from the Tripp Lite 750VA UPS Battery Back-Up. This bulky line-interactive UPS system offers reserved power and EMI/RFI protection at 450W. With a backup time of 49 minutes at 60 watts, you can still recover and save important documents while the power supply is off for some time.

    This UPS model from Tripp Lite also has other security features. For instance, it has a built-in automatic voltage regulation (AVR) function that corrects abnormal voltages that run through the UPS and your laptop, preserving a healthy battery charge for the AVR and your device. Dataline Surge Protection is also present in this product, protecting your devices from abnormal currents that flow through data cables that may destroy your devices.

    In terms of UPS monitoring, you can use the USB Communication Port to monitor the performance and capacity of the UPS as you use it at the moment. If you’re not a fan of irritating alarm sounds that indicate the status of the battery pack, this one is definitely for you as it has a muted battery alarm feature where audible indicators will not be heard until it reaches low battery levels.

    The AVR750U is currently worth $102.58. While it can be pricey for some, this UPS pack is worth buying due to its protective features and functions for your workstation and gaming setups. If you are not concerned with the price, you might want to check this out further on Amazon or in physical stores near you!

    CyberPower 850VA Intelligent LCD UPS System (CP850AVRLCD)

    Lastly, we have the 850VA line-interactive Intelligent LCD UPS System from CyberPower. For this product, the output capacity is already at 510 watts across nine available outlets, which makes it very much applicable even at high-powered workstations and gaming sets where you have other devices connected aside from your high-powered laptop.

    The CP850AVRLCD has a multi-function LCD panel where you can monitor the remaining run time, battery capacity, and load capacity of the UPS. It can control abnormal voltage distribution using its built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) autotransformer and protect your devices against unwanted data cable surges through its Dataline Surge Protection feature. In addition, this purchase also includes a free downloadable PowerPanel (Personal Edition) management software where you can further monitor your UPS through the app on your laptop.

    This UPS model from CyberPower costs $147.47, which may not be for those who prefer similar yet cheaper products. However, the CP850AVRLCD has a wide range of advanced features and functions to support backup power and surge protection for small, medium, and large laptop workstations. It is highly recommended not just for school purposes but also for personal and shared workstations, gaming setups, and other uses that require high output power for various devices, even during abrupt power interruptions.

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