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The Best Wireless Power Banks for iPhones

With the new iPhone 12 offering wireless charging, we've hit that spot for you.

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    Wireless charging hasn’t always been efficient. As technology has progressed though, wireless charging specs have been getting better and better. Also, with the new MagSage Technology by Apple, things are getting interesting. In saying that – today, we’re going to be presenting the best wireless power banks for iPhones.

    Apple’s New MagSafe Technology

    With the new MagSafe Technology, the chances of misaligning your phone on your wireless charger is close to none. The 15 watt charge rate is solid, ensuring a charge rate that is only 3-5 watts less than what you get by charging your iPhone using a power brick. In order to get this maximum 15 watt rate though, you have to charge using the Apple edition wired 20 watt wall charger. So as far as portable charges go, Apple’s new technology has no real impact.

    How does MagSafe Technology Affect iPhone Charge Speeds from Wireless Power Banks?


    stacked iPhones visual

    Not much has changed. The maximum wireless charge rate for an iPhone of 7.5 watts is still the maximum that you’re currently able to get the new iPhone 12 when using a wireless power bank.  Whilst this is a bit disappointing, it does simplify things for iPhone users as the greatest wireless power banks for Apple are universal. All iPhones, including the new MagSafe iPhone 12 will charge at their maximum 7.5 watts with our picks below.

    Our Criteria for the Best Wireless Power Banks for iPhones

    In order to make our best wireless power banks list, here’s what we’re looking for. First is a maximum of 18 watts output – even though the new iPhone can charge a little bit higher than that, you’re not going to get that many gains in overall charge speed. It’s the sweet spot for charging all iPhones including the new iPhone 12. Next, we’re looking for at least 7.5 watts of wireless charging. Again, even though you’re able to charge with MagSafe Technology at 15 watts, it’s not possible through any wireless power bank at the moment.

    Best Wireless Power Banks for iPhones

    IDMIX CH08


    The IDMIX CH08 is a power bank with pass through charging and an in-built wall plug. This means that you can easily charge your phone and the power bank at the same time without needing extra cables. This feature is especially useful for iPhone users because power banks usually charge with USB-C cables while iPhones charge using a lightning cable. With other packs, you end up bringing more devices and cables simply for charging. As for the IDMIX CH08’s wireless charging capabilities, it has 5, 7.5, and 10 watts out – you’re going to be using 7.5 watts for your iPhone. As for Power Delivery, when not connected to an AC outlet, you’re going to be able to charge your phone at 18 watts out. If you’re connected to a wall outlet though, you’re going to be able to charge some iPhone models at up to around 23 watts which is really the peak of performance you’re going to be able to get. All of this comes with great efficiencies even at the max 18 watts your phone is going to be charging at. With a lightning cable, you’re going to be getting above 90% efficiency which is as good as you’re going to get with these packs. Overall, it’s a great pack for iPhone users and just about anyone out there with both its wired and wireless functionality.

    Xiaomi PLM11ZM


    The Xiaomi PLM11ZM has a great look and a great price. It has a brushed aluminum finish with a rubberized non-slip top which is great for a wireless pack. It has a maximum of 10 watts out for the wireless charger and 18 watts out for the USB Power Delivery. You get around 85% efficiency in the 18 watt level which is great performance. All in all, it’s a great budget pack that will do the job for you.

    ZMI WPB01


    Because Xiaomi products are a bit hard to get your hands on though in some parts of the world, we will also recommend the ZMI WPB01. It’s a very similar portable charger to the Xiaomi one but with a slight advantage of being able to deliver an output of 22 watts. As for the wireless charging side, we get the same maximum 10 watts (as we mentioned earlier, your iPhone will be using 7.5 watts). It has the same affordable price as the previous power bank, but you don’t get the brushed aluminum finish and the rubberized top. It has a plastic finish with some magnets in it for an easier time aligning your devices to the pack.

    Samsung SuperFast Power Bank (Wireless Version)


    Even though this is a pack from Samsung, the Samsung SuperFast Power Bank (EB33000U) charges iPhones perfectly well. Additionally, out of everything else on this list, they have a big advantage as they have a huge max output of 25 watts. That’s massive for a 10,000mAh pack and it’s very likely that you’re able to charge at 20 plus watts using the latest iPhones. It also has 7.5 watts out on its wireless charging side which is the max you’re going to be using for charging an iPhone wirelessly. These Samsung SuperFast power banks are quite expensive though with this wireless version amounting to around $70 – a very high price point for any 10,000mAh pack. If you’re looking for a premium pack though, this is the one; you’re getting a really nice finish, insane efficiencies, slim form factor, and a bunch of supported fast charge protocols.

    Omni 20+


    The Omni 20+ is a 20,000mAh power bank with an AC outlet. Regardless of what you’re charging – like a laptop or a phone without USB-C Power Delivery, you’re going to be able to use this pack. You get up to a 100 watts out if you’re charging using the AC port, 45 watts if you’re using the USB-C port, and 10 watts from wireless charging which is perfect since it’s more than what we actually need. It’s on the expensive side but it has everything you need with massive supported fast charge protocols and outputs that are hard to beat.


    That closes up our list of the best wireless power banks for iPhones. These top 5 packs are sure to be great for any of the iPhones including the iPhone 12. After its release, it’s possible that power banks are now going to be targeting to meet that maximum 15 watts out in wireless charging in order to support the latest iPhone’s new MagSafe Technology. If that’s the case, we’ll be updating you all but for the meantime, our picks should have you covered.

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