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The Best Magnetic Charging Cables 2021

Here are the best magnetic charging cables we've found!

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    There has been a surge of magnetic charging products over the past couple of years. Owing to their promised durability and utility compared to stock chargers, magnetic charging products are now among the options of users today. The top options of users are USB-C magnetic adapters and magnetic charging cables.

    TOPK cable magnetic force infographic

    USB-C magnetic adapters are attachments to cables and ports which can enhance charging speeds. For this review however, Power Up takes a look at magnetic charging cables – the advantages of their use as well as some recommended products.

    Are magnetic charging cables any good?

    Magnetic charging cables provide users with durability and great utility at a time when most use multiple devices that demand charging.

    TOPK Magnetic Charging Cables compatibility infographic

    The top options of magnetic charging cables are wrapped with a nylon exterior — a material more durable than the rubber-coated stock cables that come with devices on purchase. Magnetic cables from TOPK, Terasako, NetDot and Smart & Cool are all nylon-braided. While ordinary wear and tear will eventually take its toll on any device or accessory, the nylon exterior of magnetic charge cables affords better longevity for users. Furthermore, the constant bending and turning which are the notorious killers of stock cables are no longer issues with the designs of magnetic charging cables which allow for better maneuvering of the cable while plugged to the device. The cables from Terasako and from TOPK provide for rotational designs in their cables which are a plus on durability and convenience.

    Terasako cable rotation infographic

    Magnetic charging cables also allow greater utility than other cables. The detachable magnetic tip may be replaced with other tips to suit other devices. The magnetic cable becomes your go-to for all devices. You can simply replace the tip from one to the other depending on which device you will be charging. There are a variety of magnetic charging cables which already includes several tips on purchase. The products of NetDot, for example, already include multiple tips. Other brands such as the Terasako and Smart & Cool sell other tips separately.

    What is the maximum wattage charge speed of a magnetic charging cable?

    Some magnetic cables provide fast-charge support and some do not.

    NetDot Magnetic Charging Cable fast charging infographic

    For example, the Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable only provides a speed of 5V/2.4A. However, some magnetic cables also provide fast-charge support. The TOPK AM61 for example is equipped with QualComm 2.0 and 3.0 which makes it an option for some Xiaomi users and Samsung users. Generation 12 of the NetDot Magnetic Charging Cables also record a speed of 9V/3A. Furthermore, there are also variants which are compatible with Power Delivery such as the Smart&Cool L-Shaped 100W USB-C to USB-C Magnetic Charging Cable. Smart&Cool also offers the same USB-C to USB-C magnetic cable in a 60W variant which is also compatible with Power Delivery.  The 100W variant lists a charging speed of 5A.

    Can magnetic charging cables provide data transfer?

    The quick answer is yes as some magnetic charging cables are also data cables which allow transmission of data. The caveat is that not all magnetic charging cables have this capacity.

    NetDot cable data transfer infographic

    There are several options which provide charging and data transfer to users. Similar to non-magnetic cables, some magnetic cables are solely for charging cables. Some however are a cut from the rest as they provide both charging and data transfer. The TOPK AM61 is both a charging and a data cable. Other options which provide for the dual purpose of charging and data transfer include the NetDot Magnetic Charging Cables and the Smart & Cool GenX Magnetic Charging Cable.

    Recommended products:

    TOPK Magnetic Charging Cables


    TOPK magnetic charging cables are among the top-rated magnetic cables out in the market today. TOPK offers a variety of magnetic charging cables with the TOPK AM68 540º Rotate Magnetic Charging Cable as the flagship option.

    The AM68’s best feature is that the design allows for a 360º and 180º free rotation and can also be snapped at 90º. This resolves the issue of bending and turning which commonly spells the end for non-magnetic charging cables. The AM68 also offers wide compatibility for iPhone and Android users as the cable is compatible with all three tips: micro-USB, USB-C, and Lightning.

    TOPK’s flagship cable comes in black, red and blue variants. Users also have the option between a 1-meter and a 2-meter cable. The cable is also wrapped with nylon which further ensures durability.

    The only drawback on the AM68 is that it does not provide support for transferring data and is solely used for charging. This may cause less utility for users who are looking to transfer data while charging. It appears that it also does not have fast-charge support.

    The other options under TOPK are the AM61, AM59, AM51, AM30, AM23, and AM17. All the TOPK cables are LED-equipped which adds to the cables’ classy design and utility especially in dark settings.

    Aside from the AM68, the AM61 is also a good pick as it is both a data and a charging cable. It can transfer data while simultaneously charging the device. On this end, the AM61 provides for more utility than the AM68. Furthermore, the AM61 also offers fast-charge support at 18W for QualComm 2.0 and 3.0. Among the supported devices are the Xiaomi Mi series starting at Xiaomi Mi 3, the Xiaomi Mi Max series, the Xiaomi MIX series, the Xiaomi Note series and the Xiaomi Redmi 9. The Samsung Galaxy S6 to S10e are also compatible with the AM61 fast-charge services.

    The only drawback on the AM61 is that it does not have a rotating head unlike the AM68. This may have an impact on long-term durability as the free rotation of the AM68 protects it from the usual wear and tear from bending and turning the cable.

    The TOPK magnetic cables retail from 6USD to 34USD on the TOPK site. The 3-pack of AM68 which already includes three cables costs 34USD.

    Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable


    Joining the magnetic cables from TOPK among the top-rated magnetic cables is the Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable. Unlike TOPK, Terasako only offers one model of the magnetic charging cable. The Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable however has more variants when it comes to length. The 6-pack Terasako Magnetic Charger with one 1-foot cable, two 3-feet cables, two 6-feet cables and one 10-feet cable. This is a plus on utility as it allows users to take cables wherever and whenever they are needed: at home, in the car, in the office, among others. The varieties in length also afford versatility. The 6-pack retails for roughly 23USD on Amazon.

    Similar to the TOPK cables, the Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable is also nylon-braided which bolsters the durability of the product. It is also LED-equipped and also has a 360º rotating head.

    Performance-wise, the Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable is also widely compatible as it can be attached with a USB-C, micro-USB and Lightning tips. Terasako also sells 5-packs of each tip as 10USD.

    However, it appears that Terasako has not yet integrated fast-charge technology with its magnetic charging cable. The Terasako Magnetic Charging Cable does not have fast-charge support and only has a maximum output of 5V/2.4A. Furthermore, the magnetic charging cable from Teresako is also not capable of transferring data. This may be a bump on its utility. But considering its price, the number of cables in a pack and other additional tips which may be bought to improve utility, the Teresako Magnetic Charging Cable is not so bad a choice for buyers on a budget.

    NetDot Magnetic Charging Cables


    Similar to TOPK and unlike Terasako, NetDot also offers different models of Magnetic Charging Cables, with the flagship being the Generation 12.

    The main takeaway from the NetDot Magnetic Charging Cables is that they all provide both fast-charge and data transferring services.

    The fast-charge capacity of Generation 12 is at 9V/3A. NetDot also claims that the Generation 12 can transfer data at speeds of up 480 mbps. The cable is also nylon-braided and is LED-equipped. As mentioned previously, the nylon exterior improves the durability and longevity of cables compared to rubber-wrapped stock cables. Furthermore, the LED also adds a premium look on the cable and utility especially in dark settings. There is however no free rotational feature, unlike the cables of TOPK and Teresako.

    As to compatibility, the NetDot Generation 12 is compatible with micro-USB and USB-C tips. It is a good option for Android devices but it appears that NetDot does not sell separate lightning tips for iPhone users. The Generation 10 however has lightning tips that can come with a purchase of the 3-pack. Furthermore, another limiting factor of the NetDot cables is that there is no backwards compatibility. The cable and the tips of the Generation 12 are not interchangeable with the cable and tips of the older models. The same limitation goes for older models. The Generation 10, for example, also does not have backwards compatibility for other models.

    A 3-pack of the NetDot Generation 12 retails for 18.90USD on Amazon. The 3-pack comes with three 6.6 ft cables, and also with USB-C and Micro-USB tips.

    Smart&Cool GenX Magnetic Charging Cable


    Smart & Cool also provides a variety of magnetic charging cables with their flagship being the GenX Magnetic Charging Cable.

    Similar to the NetDot Generation 12, the Smart & Cool Gen X Magnetic Charging Cable has fast-charge support which can go up to a speed of 3A. It is also a data cable which can facilitate data transfers.

    Like the magnetic cables previously mentioned, the Smart & Cool Gen X Magnetic Charging Cable is also nylon-braided which is a plus on durability. It appears however that it is not LED-equipped, unlike the magnetic cables above. This may be a letdown on utility particularly in dark settings, and may also seem to be a letdown on the design of the cable. It also appears that the Smart & Cool Gen X does not have the rotational design of the TOPK and the Terasako cables. This may also be a bump on durability as there can be limited maneuverability.

    As to compatibility, Smart & Cool Gen X Magnetic Charging Cable is compatible with Android and Apple devices. Smart & Cool has Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning tips which can come with a purchase of a pack or which can be purchased separately. Smart & Cool warns however that the Gen X is not compatible with USB-C devices which require Power Delivery. The Google Pixel 2, for example, is a USB-C device which requires Power Delivery.

    A 4-pack of the Smart & Cool Gen X Magnetic Charging Cable retails for 16USD on Amazon. The pack comes with two 6.6-feet cables and two 3.3-feet cables.

    Other alternatives within the Smart&Cool line up are the 100-watt and 60-watt variants of the Smart&Cool L-Shaped USB-C to USB-C Magnetic Charging Cable. Both variants support devices which use Power Delivery. As mentioned above, the 100-watt variant lists a speed of 5A. Both are also charging and data cables. The 100-watt variant retails for 18USD on Amazon and the 60-watt variant retails for 15USD.


    Overall, the four mentioned magnetic charging cables are viable options for users who wish to make the shift to magnetic charging cables. Some of the other mentioned manufacturers also provide for more alternatives for different kinds of users.

    As to utility, a user will first have to decide whether there is a need for a cable which is capable of transferring data. If not, then the TOPK Magnetic Charging Cables and the Terasako Magnetic Charging Cables may be the way to go owing to their classy and durable design. Their nylon exterior and their rotating designs offer a good mix of functionality, convenience and a promise of durability. The TOPK cables, however, are a bit pricier.

    If data cables are needed, the TOPK AM61 Magnetic Charging Cable may be the best option as it offers fast-charge support and data transfer. The NetDot Magnetic Charging Cables and the Smart & Cool Gen X Magnetic Cable may also be good options if data transfer is a consideration. If budget is a factor and design is not, the Smart & Cool Gen X is a good pick owing to its affordability despite arguably the less premium design.

    In conclusion, there are a lot of options on the table depending on the needs of the owner of the device. What these surge of magnetic charging cables assure however, is that there is a durable, functional and classy cable for each and every user.

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