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Best Replacement Batteries for your Nintendo Switch 2021

Here are the best replacement batteries for your Switch.

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    Having your Nintendo Switch die on you in the middle of a long intense gaming session in a cafe or flight is pretty frustrating. There’s only so much that power banks can do – and sometimes the problem doesn’t lie in getting the perfect pack (although we’ve got you covered in that area too) but in the battery itself. But you might be wondering, how do I go about replacing my Switch’s battery and what are the best replacement batteries for your Nintendo Switch? Well, let’s find out.

    Why does my Nintendo Switch battery die so fast?

    Aukey Powerbank 26800 PD charging Switch

    Although the Nintendo Switch is advertised to have 6 hours of usage after a full charge (which will take 3 hours if you’re not using it while charging), this is quite far from the truth. The actual playtime you’re going to get from it is around 2-3 hours. As time goes by, this might get even shorter because of the fact that the Nintendo Switch uses a lithium-based battery that would likely deplete after 800 charge cycles.

    With lithium-ion batteries, the more you use it, the shorter the battery life gets. Additionally, if you keep a lithium-ion battery at full charge at all times, it will degrade the battery some. An example of this is if you keep your Switch at the dock all the time. Nintendo states that battery endurance can reduce to about 80% after 800 charge cycles. This may sound undesirable but it’s currently how lithium-ion batteries and all other battery types for that matter work. According to Nintendo, “the battery life will gradually be reduced with repeated charging.” They also cautioned users to charge their products every 6 months. If they are not charged for an extended period of time (say, a year), it may be impossible to charge them ever again.

    Can you replace the battery in the Nintendo Switch?

    Xiaomi Gen 3 Pro charging Switch

    Yes. You can replace the battery in your Nintendo Switch. It would have to be taken apart but it is possible to get a battery replacement. It’s even possible to do the replacing yourself, as long as you follow safety precautions by wearing eye protection and exercising due caution.

    Does replacing the battery of my Nintendo Switch void its warranty?

    No. With Nintendo’s updated warranty terms, unless your new battery causes damage to your Switch, going to third party repair shops for battery replacement – or doing it yourself – won’t void your warranty. According to Nintendo, warranty will only be limited or not applied if the product “… is damaged by any unauthorized modifications or tampering;”.

    Switch vs Switch Lite Batteries

    The Switch and the Switch Lite have different batteries as seen by their model number. The Switch is denoted by the model number HAC-001 for older Switches and HAC-001(-01) for newer Switches. Meanwhile, the Switch Lite is denoted by the model number HDH-001. This is why in looking for a replacement battery for either your Switch or Switch Lite, you have to make sure that the battery is compatible with the model number denoted on your device.

    Best Nintendo Switch Battery Replacement Batteries


    Antank HAC-003 Battery Replacement


    The Antank HAC-003 Battery Replacement battery comes with a kit that includes everything you need to replace your Nintendo Switch battery. You get a 4,310mAh battery compatible with HAC-001 and HAC-S-JP/EU-C0 Switch units with an adhesive sticker and anti-shock pad, and installation tools. It also includes a repair guide so that you can repair your Switch easily.

    oGoDeal HAC-003 Battery Replacement


    The oGoDeal HAC-003 Battery Replacement battery is designed to replace older Nintendo Switch batteries (HAC-001 Switch units). It’s affordable with great value for money with complete inclusions – you get Phillips #00 and Y00 tri-point screwdrivers and spudgers to help in prying out your Switch’s old battery. The oGoDeal HAC-003 Battery also comes with 24-hours customer service and a 30-day money back guarantee. You can’t go wrong with this – unless you have the newer version of the Switch but we got you covered for that too.

    BatteryMon HAC-003 Battery Replacement


    The BatteryMon HAC-003 Battery Replacement battery is a great replacement for the newer Nintendo Switch battery (HAC-001(01)). In saying that, it’s also compatible with older Switches since it’s identical to the original OEM battery. Unfortunately, there are no tools included with this so you would need to have your own tool kit or purchase a separate tool set to install this battery. It also comes with a six month manufacturer’s warranty so if it fails within that time period, it can be replaced or refunded.

    Tools Needed to Replace the Nintendo Switch Battery

    Antank HAC-003 Battery Replacement kit inclusions

    • New battery
    • Tri-point screwdriver
    • Phillips #00 screwdriver
    • Plastic/wooden spudger
    • Double-sided adhesive

    How to Replace a Nintendo Switch Battery (Step-by-Step Instructions)

    1. Let your Switch battery drop below 25%.

    2. Remove the rear panel.

    To do this, remove the four tri-point screws from the corners of the panel. Next, remove the two Phillips #00 screws on both sides of the charging port. Open the kickstand and remove the screw that’s under there. Remove the screws at the top of the Switch beside the air vents. Lastly, remove the center screw on both the left and right Joy-con rails.

    3. Pull off the rear panel to reveal the Micro SD card reader.

    4. Remove the SD card reader.

    Do this by removing the screw and lifting it out gently.

    5. Remove the aluminum shield plate.

    Unscrew all the screws and lift it out gently once again.

    6. Underneath the plate, you will see the battery.

    7. Disconnect the battery from the power supply.

    Using a plastic spudger or a wooden tool, pry the white connector loose. If you’re having a hard time prying it out, apply some isopropyl or adhesive remover along one edge of the battery. Tilt your Switch to spread the solvent and wait three to five minutes for it to work. Apply more solvent if needed; do not pry hard enough to damage the battery.

    8. Clean out residual solvent then insert the battery.

    Apply double-sided adhesive in the battery compartment (if the battery itself does not come with adhesive). Press into place before connecting it to the motherboard.

    9. Screw everything back together.

    Once installation of the battery is complete, you may now screw everything back in its place.

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