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The Best UPS for Home Use 2021

No matter what device you're looking to protect, we've got the best UPS here for you!

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    Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) units are highly useful equipment in providing backup power and voltage protection for low and mid-range laptops, high powered desktops at 300W, and even gaming consoles and computers. You do not need to worry about sudden interruptions due to power outages as these units can let you continue with your tasks, while ensuring security against any electrical failures that may end up damaging your equipment.

    Depending on their capacity relative to the combined power requirement of your devices, UPS units can provide enough battery backup support and surge protection for a couple of minutes to more than an hour. They also have other security features that monitor and protect both connected devices and the UPS itself.

    Which of the available UPS units in the market can provide enough backup power and protection to various gadgets and appliances such as desktops, laptops, gaming consoles and computers, and Internet routers? Which of these can provide extended and uninterrupted power as you continue working on your tasks? We present to you the best UPS units for your various home devices.

    Best UPS for Desktops (Windows PC and iMacs)

    Windows and iMac Desktop home workstations utilize several pieces of equipment, such as CPUs, monitors, Automatic Voltage Regulators (AVRs), internet routers, printers, scanners, and other peripherals. As a result, these may consume large amounts of power for up to 300 watts. Not to mention, some setups need more equipment for work-related purposes, which will require more energy for all parts to work.

    APC Back-UPS 425VA (BE425M) on desk

    Fortunately, high-powered UPS units such as the CyberPower 1350VA Intelligent LCD UPS System can provide extended power and surge protection to all connected devices on your laptop setup. With an output capacity of 815 watts, you can still work on your urgent tasks uninterrupted for 81 minutes (at a 100 watt combined load). For setups with a heavier power load of 300 watts, you can still be able to utilize your PC for up to 21 minutes. Aside from its capacity, this UPS unit can protect your equipment against spikes in electric current through Ethernet cables through its data-line surge protection feature.

    Meanwhile, the CyberPower 1350VA Intelligent LCD UPS System has an automated voltage regulator that maintains the average voltage rate that flows to the UPS and the connected equipment. You can also easily monitor the UPS’ performance and health through its built-in UPS System and using the product’s free PowerPanel Personal Edition Management Software. Lastly, it has a three-year warranty (including the battery), as well as a $500,000 compensation for damaged equipment connected to the UPS.

    CyberPower CP1500PFCLCD on desk

    However, as it is currently worth almost $200 on Amazon, this may not be for people on a tight budget. Some may find it hard to store the unit due to its size, while others may find the output capacity insufficient for desktop setups with a combined load higher than 300W. You may want to try out these impressive UPS units instead, such as the Vertiv Liebert PSA5 1000VA UPS (PSA5-1000MT120) and the APC Back-UPS 1500VA (BX1500M).

    Best UPS for Laptops, Macbooks, and Notebooks

    Laptops, Macbooks, and Notebooks may have the same functions and features as desktop computers, but they require less power for them to be functional. They do not need separate monitors, CPUs and AVRs, as these are already built-in, which is a big plus in terms of portability, efficiency, and performance. However, it does not mean that UPS units are not necessary for your laptop. If your laptop battery does not function well without plugging it on a power source, these units can still bring extended and uninterrupted power to the device. They also provide support and protection for other gadgets and equipment connected to your laptop against any abnormal electrical issues that can damage your devices.

    APC Back-UPS 650VA (BE650G1) on floor

    In this case, the APC Back-UPS 650VA is the best choicOutput capacity may not be enough for those who own or operate on high-powered laptop models and set-upse for typical and mid-range laptop setups. Its 390W capacity can provide enough runtime of 65 minutes (at 50W) and 29.2 minutes (at 100W). It also has a data-line surge protection feature that avoids abnormal spikes in electric flow to reach your devices through Ethernet cables. Lastly, this UPS from APC has a Building Wiring Fault indicator that detects possible wiring problems in the wall circuit that could damage your devices.

    For its kind, it may be a bit expensive. Recharging the unit may take too long. Others may note the output capacity, which may not satisfy high-performance laptops for the workplace and gaming-related purposes. Nonetheless, this 650VA UPS system can guarantee battery backup support and protection against various electrical issues.

    If you’re not impressed, you can still look at our honorable mentions for UPS units for laptops, such as the cheaper CyberPower 350VA Standby UPS System (CP350SLG) and the much powerful CyberPower 850VA Intelligent LCD UPS System.

    Best UPS for Gaming PCs and Laptops

    Gaming PCs and laptops are built to handle advanced gaming applications notable for their high-resolution visuals, high frame rate, smoother graphics, and clearer sound effects. For these devices to provide the best gaming experience possible, such units require high-end computer hardware, such as advanced processors (such as the Intel Core series and AMD Ryzen Series), graphics card (notably from NVidia and AMD), and higher RAM (of at least 8GB for entry-level gaming). Not to mention, some gaming setups have other equipment dedicated for live and recorded streaming. As a result, these usually require more power than average PCs and laptops.

    Despite the high performance of your gaming setup and your patience for long-form computer games, you will not be able to save your progress once power abruptly cuts off during an outage. However, you don’t need to worry, as high-powered UPS units will not let such abrupt power outages interrupt your session. Most notably, we have the CyberPower 3000VA Smart App Sinewave UPS System, which is very much for gaming enthusiasts and gaming streamers out there.

    APC Back-UPS BEM600M1 product shot on desk

    The first thing you will notice with this product is its 3000VA/3000W capacity, which is a rare feat for UPS systems as most high-power battery backup units only have power capacities of up to 1500VA. Due to its higher power, it can support battery backup of up to 55 minutes for entry-level gaming laptops and about 29 minutes for entry-level gaming desktops. In terms of portability and storage, you have the option to place it as a tower or a mounted rack. Either way, this does not affect the monitoring of the UPS’ performance, as it has a built-in rotational LCD screen and a free PowerPanel® Business Edition Software for remote management using your desktop or laptop.

    The main drawback of this product is that it is expensive. On Amazon, it costs more than $1,200, making this unit an impractical choice for smaller gaming setups such as those that use gaming consoles. Nonetheless, this UPS unit from CyberPower is still worth purchasing due to its very high output capacity, advanced features, and greater support for high-power gaming PCs and laptops.

    If you are still concerned about the price, we highly recommend these cheaper gaming UPS alternatives, such as the Vertiv Liebert PSA5 1000VA UPS (PSA5-1000MT120) and the CyberPower 1500VA PFC Sinewave UPS System (CP1500PFCLCD).

    Best UPS for Gaming Consoles

    Gaming consoles are similar to gaming PCs and laptops in terms of their intended use. However, unlike the latter, the former are entirely separate equipment with embedded components also present in desktops and laptops such as CPUs, RAM, GPUs, and Operating Systems. The great thing with video consoles is that it is much cheaper than an actual gaming computer and that you can plug the device to compatible computers, monitors, and smart TVs.

    In addition, these consume less power, yet they vary according to the console you are using. For instance, Xbox One models consume power from as low as 35W to as high as 180W, while Playstations such as the PS4 utilize power at a minimum capacity of 55W to a maximum of 160W. There are also gaming consoles such as the PS5 and the Xbox Series X that can power up to 220W.

    APC Back-UPS BEM600M1 product shot with gaming devices plugged in

    In this case, we have picked the CyberPower 1350VA PFC Sinewave UPS System. One of the higher-power UPS units in the market, this one has an output capacity of 810W and can support your gaming consoles for up to 92 minutes at 50W, 57 minutes at 100W, and 27 minutes at 200W. However, both their output capacity and runtime may not be enough for those with other connected devices such as extra monitors and equipment for streaming.

    Just like other high-capacity CyberPower UPS models, this one can be monitored in two ways: using a built-in multifunction LCD panel, and through a free PowerPanel® Business Edition Software that can be used to monitor the unit using the computer. Dataline surge protection is also present in this product. Lastly, this unit has a minimized noise feature that keeps you from being annoyed with the various beeps that some UPS systems have when in use.

    This product is moderately priced, which may be fine for most people who want a UPS to support their gaming console and connected devices. However, there are also noteworthy alternatives to choose from, such as the Vertiv Liebert PSA5 1000VA UPS (PSA5-1000MT120) and the Tripp Lite 900VA Line Interactive UPS System (AVR900U).

    Best UPS for Internet routers and Wi-Fi modems

    Whether you are connecting these modems to a desktop computer or a laptop through Ethernet cables or are just placing them within your living room or workspace, it is important to have a dedicated UPS system to support these devices. During power outages, these low-power routers and modems can provide backup power to let you connect to the Internet for a couple of minutes or hours, thus letting you continue your tasks without interruption.

    APC Back-UPS 650VA (BE650G1) plugged in

    For this one, we have the Vertiv Liebert PSA5 1000VA UPS that has an output capacity of 600W. This one does not have the advanced features that other units have, but it can still provide enough backup power to your modem and connected devices. It utilizes a 4J11/45 and coax cable port dedicated for dataline surge protection, ensuring protection against abnormal electrical spikes that could damage your equipment. In addition, UPS monitoring can be through its LCD Display, and through the use of Vertiv’s free software, the Vertiv Power Assist.

    While this UPS unit from Vertiv may satisfy basic and mid-range modems and routers, and even small PC setups, output capacity and runtime may not be enough for mid-range and high-power setups. Recharge time is also longer than the other units that are usually charged for 8 hours. Lastly, the UPS’ price of about $139 may also be expensive for those who are on a tight budget. If you’re concerned with these issues, you may want to consider other UPS models such as the APC Back-UPS 850VA (BE850M2) and the CyberPower 625VA Standby UPS System (ST625U).

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